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Philip Arthur Burman 1932 - 2016

Philip Burman had been a collector of military medals since he was a young boy. Over the years, his hobby escalated into a business. Philip Burman was a very well known dealer in the medal world. He joined the R.A.F., and during the Korean War served on the Sunderland Flying Boat. After full time service he transferred to the R.A.F.U.R.,  Finally retiring with the Rank of Wing Commander in 1989. Philip  was a member of many societies and associations  including the OMRS & OMSA, he is also mentioned in The Medal News - Medal Year Book and many other websites and forums.
Freddy Kirkpatrick, Philip Burman's son in Law has been assisting Philip since 1998. Freddy is now  handling all email and telephone enquiries, and is always on hand to help answer your questions which relate directly to the sales or the buying of medals. If you prefer a more personal contact, please do not hesitate in contacting Freddy on  Telephone: (U.K.) 01553 617432, Freddy will be very pleased to hear from you, just remember the time zones !

For many decades we used to publish a sales list, which went out to our subscribers. Subscription has now come to an end. We attend several of the largest and most prestigious medal fairs in the United Kingdom, these included the OMRS Convention Fair and the two Britannia Medals Fairs (London).
Philip Burman Medals is mainly Mail-Order now.

Due to the large turnover of medals, it has been difficult to list every medal we have with photos. If you require photos of any item/s we have listed, please do not hesitate in contacting us. A pleasure to be of assistance.


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We are in and out of the office all day. Leave a message, or call back.

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