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Family war medals for sale from Philip Burman Medals, Orders and Decorations. Established over 50 years. We buy and value medals.

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976.  Group of Five.

Family Group - Husband and Wife.

  Wife    British Empire Medal (B.E.M.  Geo. V1 Military.  Sgt. Josephine R. Rudder  A.T.S.  -  For services with  Headquarters Combined Operations, Whitehall.

  Husband  1939-45 and Africa Stars.  War Medal.  Africa Service Medal.  All named C.A. Rudder except Africa Star. 
Recipient was taken P.O.W. in Tobruk and eventually ended up in Germany in Stalag 344 in Lamsdorf.
Sold with original newspaper cutting including photograph reporting the award of the B.E.M. to
Sgt. Rudder, and head and shoulders postcard sized photograph of Pte. C.A. Rudder.  (NEF)  £595

1001.  Group of Four  
Family Group - Brothers

  Brother 1.
  Crimea Medal.  1 Bar Sebastopol.  Lieut. W. Haslett.  13th or P.A. Lt. Infy.  (Engraved)
  Indian Mutiny Medal.  No Bar.  Lieut. W. Haslett.  1st Bn.  13th Lt. Infy.
  Lieutenant William Haslett died on 6th August 1860, aged 24 years in South Africa.  Copy photo of gravestone and  location included.  Reported in Morning Post of 30 Oct. 1860-page 8, having died at King Williamís Town, South  Africa.
Brother 2.

  I.G.S. 1854 Medal.  1 Bar Jowaki 1877-8.  Lieut. P. Haslett.  Royal Engrs.   
  Afghanistan 1878-80 Medal.  1 Bar Ahmed Khel.  Lieut. P. Haslett.  R.E.
  Mentioned in field force orders by Genl. Officer Com de Peshawer field force 3/1/78
  Lieut. P. Haslett was M.I.D. by Lt. General Sir D.M. Stewart, commanding the Ghazni Field Force, for his actions  at Ahmed Khel on 19-4-1810 whilst commanding No. 10 Coy, Sappers and Miners, as per L/G 30-7-1880.
  Specially mentioned in unpublished  dispatch of Sir D. Stewart dated 24th June 1879 (W.O. Page 7697/372)  served in the Jawaki Expedition 1878 with the force under the command of Brigadier General C.C.G. Ross C.B. -  was in charge of the field telegraphs during the operations.
  Served in the Afghan Campaign 1878-79 commanded 4 Field Tel. Coy Bengal Sappers & Miners attached to  Headquarters.  Present at the action of Jakai-a-Pul.  Served during second phase of campaign 1880 as asst. to Eng 2 North  Afghan Field Force under Sir D. Stewart and Major Paul J. Hills V.C.  Present at the Battle of Ahmed Khel.  Lieut. Pechell Haslett made the rank of Colonel before retiring.  Became Justice of the Peace in Co. Donegal, Ireland.  Died 1921.
   Eldest and youngest sons of William Haslett and Catherine Irvine, from Moville, County Donegal and  Londonderry, County Londonderry.  Sold with copy service papers for Lieut Pechell Heslett.   (GVF)  £2300

1048.  Group of Five. 

Family Group.   2 Brothers

  1.  Q.S.A.  2 Bars CC/OF.  Pte. F.M. Keightley.  Queensland I.B.  (Imperial Bushmen)
  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. F.M. Keightley.  N.Z.E.F.    Mounted as worn

2. Q.S.A.  2 Bars OFS/TVL.  Pte. W. Keightley.  Queensland I.B.    (NEF)  £1685

1123.  Group of Five

  Family Group  -  Brother and Sister.
1.  1914 Star Trio.  Miss L.M. Nalsmith.  Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. (Star).  Sister L.M. Nalsmith (Pair)

2. B.W.M. & Victory.  2/Lieut. J.C.D. Nalsmith.  (Commissioned 13-5-1917 - R.F.A. - S.R.) (NEF)  £765

1160.  Group of Two
  Family Pair  -  Husband and Wife.

  I.G.S.  1Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Condr. H.J. Hoberts.  Ordnance Dept.
  I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Clerk Mrs. Roberts.  Ordnance Dept.
    Please note  -  Different initials on surnames.  (NEF)  £475

1212.  Group of Four. 
Family Group - Mother and Daughter

  Defence and War Medals.
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  Mrs. J.G. Chandler (mounted as worn)  -  Together with -
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz. 11.  Miss I.V. Chandler.  Order of St. John.  (Daughter of above)    (NEF)  £485

1439.  Family Group. Two Brothers.

   1.  1914-15 Trio.  Spr. F. Malpass.  R.E.  Memorial Plaque.  Frederick Malpass.
   K.I.A., aged 27, with 126 Field Coy  R.E. on 22-3-1918, and commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial.

   2.  B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. A. Malpass.  Notts & Derby R.  Memorial Plaque.  Arthur Malpass.
   K.I.A., aged 25, with 2nd Bn., on 19-9-1918, and commemorated on the Vis-En-Artois Memorial, France.
     The sonís of Charles and Ann Malpass of Rose Cottage, Woodsceaves, Stafford.  Sold with the relevant Memorial Registers (Nos 16 and 27).  Plaque somewhat polished.  (GVF)  £535

1465.  Family Group  -  Father and Three Sons.

  Father  Jubilee 1887 - Metropolitan Police.  P.C. G. Thomas.  S. Divn.

  Son  B.W.M. & Victory.  2/Lieut. W.E. Thomas.  Memorial Plaque  Walter Edward Thomas K.I.A. on 21-9-1918 with the 16th Bn. R. Sussex R. and is buried in Unicorn Cemetery, VendíHuile.

  Son  1914-15 Star and B.W.M.  Pte. F.C. Thomas.  Northumberland Fus.  Memorial Plaque Frederick Charles  Thomas.  K.I.A. with the 12th Bn., on 27-9-1915, and commemorated on the Loos Memorial

  Son  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. S.H. Thomas.  4-Dragoon Gds.   Defence Medal.   (EF)  £875

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