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378.  G.S.M.   1 Bar Iraq.  R. Pilkington.  Sold with M.I.C. and roll which shows Miss Pilkington employed as a clerk  at the Ordnance Dump, Mosul, Mesopotamia from 1.1.20 to 15.9.20.  Rare.   (NEF)  £300

380.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Iraq.  Nurse S.M. Golvin.  Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.    (NEF)  £550

627.  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.) - Military  Geo V1.  Ladies issue.  S/Sgt. Ivy Weston.  A.T.S.  L/G 1-1-1947.
  “Joined A.G.16 July 1942.  S/Sergeant Weston has, since hostilities ceased, become Chief Clerk of the other  rank section of A.G.16.  Since the commencement of the release scheme she has been responsible for the  training of her new and fluctuating staff and also the co-ordination of all clerical work on the amalgamation of  two sections.  Work in A.G.16 involves all Arms of the Aray and S/Sergeant Weston has shown great accuracy,  patience and initiative.  Her work has undoubtedly been of great assistance towards the efficiency of this Branch.  Her tact, cheerfulness and personal example have created a happy atmosphere in an office which, being staffed  half by civilians and half by Auxiliary Territorial Services, might have presented a problem under a less capable Section Leader.” (NEF)  £400

629.  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Eliz. 11.  Ladies issue.  Miss Elsie Florence Pedder.  L/G. 3-6-1978 - “Miss  E.F. Pedder.  National Savings Group Collector.  Margate”.  In case of issue.  (EF)  £265

862.  Imperial Service Medal.  Eliz. 11.  2nd type.  Miss Alice Patricia Loe.  In Royal Mint fitted case of issue.    (EF)  £19

889.  Group of Two
  Order of the British Empire  -  Officer.  (O.B.E.)  Second type - Civil.  -  Ladies issue in Royal Mint case.
  Defence Medal.
   Sold with original award parchment for the O.B.E. named to Miss Katherine Jane Inglis.  L/G 1-1-1957  -  “Miss K.J. Inglis, Honorary Secretary for Women’s Work, The Church Army”.  (NEF)  £245

899.  Group of Three
Royal Red Cross.  Second class  (A.R.R.C.)  Geo. V.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Sister L.E. Allee  (T.F.N.S.)
  A.R.R.C.  -  L/G 3-6-1916. Mounted for display. (NEF)  £625

900.  Group of Four
  Royal Red Cross.  Second Class.  (A.R.R.C.)  Geo. V.
  1914-15 Star.  S/Nurse H. Baumann.  S.A.M.N.S.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  N/Sister H. Baumann.
A.R.R.C.  -  L/G 1-1-1918.
Sold with a copy of a report on the work of the South African Military Nursing Service in France.  (NEF)  £895

1123.  Group of Five
  Family Group  -  Brother and Sister.
1.  1914 Star Trio.  Miss L.M. Nalsmith.  Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. (Star).  Sister L.M. Nalsmith (Pair)

2. B.W.M. & Victory.  2/Lieut. J.C.D. Nalsmith.  (Commissioned 13-5-1917 - R.F.A. - S.R.) (NEF)  £765

972.  Group of Five
  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Eliz. 11.  Miss Evelyn Marjorie Vivienne Fletcher
  B.W.M. and Victory.  E.M.V. Fletcher  V.A.D.   Defence Medal.
  Women’s Voluntary Service Medal.  Un-named as issued.
    B.E.M. - L/G 1-1-1964  -  “Miss E.M.V. Fletcher, member, County Staff, Norfolk.  W.V.S.”   
  All five medals are in  their original cases/boxes of issue, and additionally the two World War One Medals are  in their forwarding registered envelope.    (EF)  £485

1200.  Group of Five
  1939-45 and Africa Stars.    Defence and War Medals.  All named 91069 M.D. Smeaton.
  Africa Service Medal 1939-45.  M.D. Smeaton.
    Sold with copy papers which show Millicent Doreen Smeaton enlisting in the S.A.M.N.S. as a Staff Nurse and  later being promoted Nursing Sister.  Medals verified.    Also included are three unofficial medals - one commemorating the Royal visit to South Africa 1947, and  two commemorating the Independence of Malawi 6-7-1966 (Both different)   (NEF)  £28

1615.  Children’s Hospital Birmingham Douglas Stanley Medal - Bronze.  Reverse engraved “Nurse Kathleen Annette  Barfield 1940”   (NEF)  £85

57.  Indian Mutiny.  1 Bar Central India.  Asst. Surgn. W.C. Browne.  2nd Tp. H. Bde.  Bombay Arty. (NEF) £850

60.  China  Medal. 1857-60.  2 Bars Taku Forts 1860/Pekin 1860.  Asst. Surgn. S. Newton  8th Regt.  Punjab Infy. (NEF)  £735

996.  Group of Two
  M.G.S.  1 Bar Corunna.  T.M. Fogo.  Asst. Surgeon.  O.M.D.
  Waterloo.  Surgeon Thomas M. Fogo.  Royal Foot Artillery.  -- Fitted with bar suspender.
  Supernumerary Asst. Surgeon 22-1-1806.  Asst. Surgn.  O.M.D. 1-2-1808.  Surgeon O.M.D. 26-9-1814.  Half pay 1-9-1816.  Full pay 19-3-1825.  Senior Surgn. 1-1-1843.  Retired 25-7-1845.  Died at Tiverton, Devon  28-9-1850.   (NEF)  £4625

1012.  Group of Nine
I.G.S. 1854  2 Bars Lushai 1889-92/Hazara 1891.  Surg. A.W. Dawson.  I.M.S.  -  Officially renamed.
I.G.S. 1895  3 Bars Rel. of Chitral/Pjb. Fr/Tirah.  Capt. A.W. Dawson  I.M.S.  -  Officially renamed.
China 1900  -  No Bar.  Major A.W. Dawson  I.M.S.
Tibet 1903-4  -  No Bar.  Major A. Willan Dawson  I.M.S.
I.G.S.  1908.  1 Bar N.W.F. 1908  - erased.
914-15 Trio.  Lt. Col. A.W. Dawson.  I.M.S.
Delhi Durbar 1911  -  Un-named as issued.
   Recipient was born 11-2-1859.  Liverpool and Kings Coll. London.  M.B. 1884.  M.D. 1892 Dunelm.
  M.R.C.S. 1886.  L.R.C.P. London 1886.  Surgeon 1-4-1886.  S.M. 1-4-1898.  Lt. Col. 1-4-1906.  S. List 24-6-1911.
  During W.W.1. he was in medical charge of the Indian  Hospital Ship “Glenart Castle” and was on board when she was in collision on her first voyage but had left her before she was finally sunk, with great loss of life, in the British Channel. All medals are verified.   (GVF)  £1750

1421.  Group of Three
  1914-15 Trio.  Surgeon-Lieut. D.S. MacKnight.  R.N.
   Recipient died, aged 43, whilst serving aboard HMS Britannia, on 9-11-1918 and is buried in Gibraltar  (North Front) Cemetery.  Sold with one box of issue.  (NEF)  £595

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