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Listed below, a selection of British awarded medals for saving life. Some scarce rare items.

612.  Sea Gallantry Medal  -  Bronze  -  Edw. V11  -  Large.  Albert Erikson.  “Vanduara” 25th June 1902. Recipient with four others, manned a boat and attempted to rescue a shipmate who had fallen overboard, at  considerable risk.  The “Vanduara was a sailing ship out of Swansea.    (NEF)  £1550

621.  Royal National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck.  (Later the R.N.L.I.  Early Silver Medal  (Geo.1V)  Issued without suspender & un-named.    (NVF)  £325

632.  British Empire Medal (B.E.M.)  Eliz. 11  -  Civil.  Abduli Grunshie.
   L/G 9-10-1956  -  Abdulai Grunshie.  Timber Headman.  Bibiani Gold Mine.  Gold Coast.  -  “A machine  driver in the Bibiani Gold Mine  accidentally fell 40 feet to the bottom of an ore pass.  He was injured and called  for help.  At grave personal risk and without regard to the dangers involved, Grunshie immediately descended into  the ore pass by means of a chain ladder.  While carrying out rescue operations some of the broken ore above released itself and fell.  Through Grunshie could easily have climbed the rope to safety, he stood by the injured man  in most dangerous circumstances until further help was forthcoming.  Medal in fitted Royal Mint case of issue. (EF)  £775

633.  St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association.  Silver Medal for Saving Life on Land.  Un-named.  (NEF)  £545 PHOTOS

635.  Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Marine Medal - Silver.  Ernest Walton for gallant service  6th July 1911 - with Bar  -  Second Service 13 Aug. 1911.  Sold with top 3 prong pin bar, and in fitted case of issue.    (EF)  £685 PHOTOS

636.  Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Marine Medal  -  Silver.  Raphael Lubez.  For gallant service 4-11-1891.  (GVF)  £295

637.  Royal Humane Society.  Large Bronze.  Sgt. Nicholas Chapman.  Worcester Militia.  20th May 1855.  It would  appear that at one time medal was fitted with suspender from edge  -  since removed.   (NEF)  £395

638.  Royal Humane Society  -  Large type bronze medal - successful.  James Connor.  20 June 1847.  Fitted with  ring suspender.   (NEF)  £320

639.  Royal Humane Society.  Large type bronze medal - successful.  Edward Jeffery.  29 June 1855.    (GVF)  £335

640.  Royal Humane Society.  Small type silver medal - successful.  P.C. W. Mears.  ‘M’ Divn.   (VF)  £695

642.  Moray Floods  -  Silver Medal for Courage 1829.  Handsome piece.  40 mm diameter.  Obverse - Flood scene  surrounded by laurel leaves.  Reverse - “Presented by the Central Committee for the Flood Fund to Alexander Riach  Rothes, as an Honorary Reward for his courage and humanity shown at the Great Flood.  August 4th 1829”. Reverse has been neatly converted for brooch wear.  Rare (NEF)  £455

644.  Hundred of Salford Humane Society - Silver Cruciform Medal.  William Henry Mason.  August 1887  -  For  saving life.  (NEF)  £165

645.  Hundred of Salford Special Proficiency Medal.  Reverse named “Lucy Andrews 1927”  (NEF)  £95

820.  R.S.P.C.A. Life-saving Medal - Bronze -Top Bar “For Humanity”. Stn. Offr. G.C. Warren 1952.  In fitted case (EF)  £185

983.  Group of Four
  1939-45 and Italy Stars. Defence and War Medals.
  Corporation of Glasgow Medal for Bravery (silver)  Pte. Lawrence Howard  (R.A.M.C.)
   Magistrates Committee’s minutes 2nd March 1943  -  “For rescuing a boy (aged 4) from drowning in the  River Kelvin on 4th October last”.  (NEF)  £415

967.  Group of Two
  Lloyds Medal for Bravery at Sea.  Able Seaman R.H. Percival.  S.S. “Goodwood”.  10th September  1939
  British Empire Medal (B.E.M.)  Geo. V1.  Robert Hilton Percival (renamed)
  B.E.M.  -  L/G 10-6-1941  -  “When the ship was damaged by enemy action the Master was badly wounded.
  He ordered the one remaining life-boat to be lowered but the officers and some of the men lost valuable minutes  in trying to help him instead of getting the boat into the water.  The Master therefore told them to leave him and  ordered them all away to the boat.
   Able Seaman Percival however, resolutely refused to go and stood by.  All hands were now safely in the boat except the Master and A/B Percival and, as the vessel was about to take her final plunge, Percival was ordered to  jump overboard.  Instead of obeying this order he tried to carry the Master to the bulwark rail.  Four members  of the crew stepped back on board and helped Percival.  They all dropped into the sea together just as the ship  sank and were picked up by a life-boat.
Percival, by his selfless devotion, saved the Master’s life.”  (GVF)  £1195

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