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British Campaign Medals.

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23.  Punjab Medal 1848-49.  No Bar.  Lieut. Hy. W. Stroud.  98th Foot.  Ensign 1843 - 98th Regt.  Lieut. 1846.  Capt. 1857.  Transferred to 63rd Foot 1860.  Transferred to 30th Foot,  as Major 1870.  Brevet Lt. Colonel 1872.  Lieut. Colonel 1879.  Colonel retired 1880.
 This is recipient’s only medal entitlement.   (VF) £595

35.  Crimea Medal.  No Bar.  Un-named as issued to Royal Navy.   (NEF) £180

40.  Crimea
Medal 3 Bars Alma/Ink/Seb.  Serjt. Ml. Hastings.  H.M.  38th Regt.  Regimentally named.  (GVF) £415

66.  India General Service Medal. 1854.  1 Bar North West Frontier.  Pte. J. Meadows.  3rd Bn. Rifle Bde.  -  Verified on roll for Action at  Shubkudder on 2nd Jan. 1864.    (NEF) £350

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(66a). India General Service Medal 1854. One Clasp Pegu.
WM STOCK. ORDY. "Hastings". 
Couple of very light scratches to obverse, otherwise GVF £335

111.   India General Service Medal 1854.  3 Bars Burma 1885-7/Burma 1887-89/Hazara 1891.  Pte. J. Scott.  2nd Bn. Munster Fus.    (NEF)  £395

132.  Afghanistan Medal. 1878-80.    1 Bar Kandahar.  Gnr. T. Roberts.  13/8th Bde.  R.A.  (NEF) £330

133.  Afghanistan 1878-80.    2 Bars Ali Musjid/Kabul.  Sowar Futteh Sher.  Corps of Guides Cavy.   (VF) £315

134.  Afghanistan 1878-80.    2 Bars Charasia/Kabul.  Sowar Abdel Hakim.  5th Punjab Cavy.   (NVF) £275

141.  Egypt Medal -  1882.  No Bar.  Cpl. H. Mitchell.  1/S. Staff. Regt.   (NEF) £150

142.  Egypt Medal -  1882.  1 Bar Tel-El-Kebir.  Gnr. G. Crane.  7/1st Bde.  R.A.  Verified.  (NEF) £255

153.  Khedives Star 1882.   (NEF) £100

156.  Royal Niger Company’s Medal.  Bar Nigeria - Bronze.  -  Copy.  (NEF) £80

72.  India General Service Medal. 1895  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Sowar Ward Ordeerly Abdull Hahim.  5th Pjb. Cavy.  (NVF) £135

India General Service Medal. 1895  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Pte. J. Ferguson.  2nd Bn. Arg. & Sutherland Highrs.   (GVF) £195

187.  Queens Sudan Medal.  Pte. G. Hirons.  1/R. Warwick Regt.   (NEF) £375

190.  Khedives Sudan Medal.    1 Bar Hafir.  Un-named as issued.   (NEF) £175

191.  Khedives Sudan Medal.    2 Bars The Atbara/Khartoum.  Mus. F. Dalton.  Linc. Regt.  (GVF) £235

206.  Queen's South Africa Medal.  4 Bars CC/OFS/Johan/D. Hill.  Pte. E.A. Mortmore.  R. Canadian Dragoons.  The Bars are loose.   (NEF)  £725

Queen's South Africa Medal.   3 Bars CC/SA’01/SA’02.  Pte. T. Coggins.  W. York Regt.   (GVF) £105

271a.  Messina Earthquake Medal 1908.  Un-named as issued.  (VF)  £130

264. 1914 Star & Bar.   Gnr. F.H. Rix  R.G.A.  (‘slide-on‘) Bar  (GVF) £70

266. 1914 Star.    Pte. J.E. Ward.  7/Dgn. Gds.  Sold with recipient’s Victory Medal.  (NEF) £115

British War Medals

300. B.W.M.  N.V. Trudgeon.  A.M.2.  R.N.A.S.   (NEF) £42

337.  Mercantile Marine War Medal.  John Hutchins.   (NEF)  £40

340.  Territorial Force War Medal.    Pte. J.B. Davies.  K.S.L.I.  (NEF)  £255

India General Service 1908

346.  I.G.S.   1 Bar NWF 1908.  Pte. T. Gargan.  1/W. York Regt.   (NEF)  £185

357.  I.G.S.   1 Bar NWF 1930-31.  Pte. J. Kennedy.  Seaforth.  (GVF)  £90

358.  I.G.S.   1 Bar NWF 1930-31.  L/Nk. Sher Baz.  4-13 F.F. Rifles.  (NEF)  £45

359.  I.G.S.   1 Bar Burma 1930-32.  Sep. Naranjan Singh.  Res.  Bn.  B.M.P.   (NEF)  £95

365.  I.G.S.   1 Bar Mohmand 1933.  Dvr. Mughal.  1- A.T. Coy.  (NEF)  £100

369.  I.G.S.   2 Bars Waz 1921-24/NWF 1930-31.  Sep. Kalu Khan.  2-1 P.R.  (VF)  £75

370.  I.G.S.   2 Bars NWF 1935/NWF 1930-31.  Sepoy Lal Singh.  3-11 Sikh R.   (GVF)  £85

General Service Medal.

376.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Kurdistan.  Gnr. Rahmatullah  R.A.   (VF)  £80

445.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Cyprus.  S.A.C.  M.T.R. Pocock.  R.A.F.    (NEF)  £60

446.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Near East.  Pte. R. Lynch.  R. Scots.  Sold with bronze regimental medallion  -  the “Sanford  Memorial Medal” - named “Bell 11.  Pte. Lynch R.”  Eliz. 11.  (NEF)  £155

451.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Canal Zone.  Gdsm. W.F. Dinham.  Welsh Gds.  In box of issue. (EF)  £300

469.  Canada Volunteer Service Medal 1939-45.  No Bar.   (NEF)  £30

470.  Africa Service Medal 1939-45.  H. Smith.   (NEF)  £35

471.  Australia Service Medal 1939-45.  A.A. Fanning.  (NEF)  £45

Campaign Service Medals

484.  C.S.M.  1 Bar Malay Peninsular.  A/Cpl. H. Eaglesham.  R.A.F.   (NEF)  £70

486.  C.S.M.  1 Bar South Arabia.  S.A.C.  A. Medcalf  R.A.F.   (EF)  £75

487.  C.S.M.  1 Bar South Arabia.  S.A.C.  B.A. McDonald.  R.A.F.   (EF)  £75

526.  C.S.M.  2 Bars Borneo/S. Arabia.  Cpl. J.P. Nixon.  R. Signals.  (NEF)  £100

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British Orders & Decorations

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Meritorious Service & Long Service Medals

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666.  Meritorious Service Medal.  Geo. V1.  Indian issue.  Hav. Sawar Khan.  16 Bn. Raj. Rifles.   (NEF)  £110

694.  Army L.S.G.C.  Geo. V.  1st type.  S/Sgt. P.H. Mathews.  P.W.D.    (NEF)  £72

701.  Army L.S.G.C.  Geo. V1. Indian issue.  Water-Carrier Hayat Muhammad.  I.S.C. (NEF)  £70

702.  Army L.S.G.C.  Eliz. 11.  2nd type “Regular Army”. Cpl. S. Cross.  R. Signals  -  In box of issue.   (EF)  £60

717.  Volunteer Force Long Service Medal.  Victoria.  Cpl. J. Beveridge.  1/Fifes V.A.   (NEF)  £90

748.  Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.    Edw. V11.  Cpl. E. Weatherell.  1/W.R.B.  R.F.A.   (VF)  £120

781.  Efficiency Medal    “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  1st type.  S/Sgt. S.S. Edwards.  R.A.M.C.    (EF)  £48

Royal Navy Long Service Medals

803.  R.N.  LSGC  Edw. V11.  C.R. Goulding.  Ch. Stoker  HMS Didio.   (NEF)  £100

804.  R.N.  LSGC  Edw. V11.  Michael King.  Lg. Sto. 1st Cl.  HMS Vivid.  (NEF)  £110

805.  R.N.  LSGC  Geo. V.  1st type.  T. Arton.  Mechn.  HMS Victory.   (GVF)  £75

830.  Glasgow Special Constabulary Service Medal 1914-1919 with “2 years” Bar.  David Robinson.    (NEF)  £60

840.  Police Exemplary Service.  Geo. V1.  Const. Frank E.G. Jones.   (EF)  £48

841.  Police Exemplary Service.  Eliz. 11.  1st type.  Const. Arthur Hunter.   (EF)  £48

842.  Police Exemplary Service.  Eliz. 11.  2nd type.  Sgt. Ivan C. Smith.    (EF)  £49

862.  Imperial Service Medal.  Eliz. 11.  2nd type.  Miss Alice Patricia Loe.  In Royal Mint fitted case of issue.    (EF)  £19

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Jubilee and Coronation Medals

Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Medal. Bronze 1887
881a. Queen Victoria. Jubilee Medal 1887. Bronze 30 mm dia.
Struck to  celebrate 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne. The bronze medal was given to selected NCOs and men who took part in the parade. All medals were issued unnamed with ring for suspension. This medal was also issued in gold and silver.  £165  Click on photos for more pictures

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Groups of Medals, Memorial Plaques & Pairs.

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879.  Group of Eight
Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.)  Geo. V.  Complete.
I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1935 (M.I.D.)  Capt. F.J. Doherty.  I.M.S.
1939-45, Africa, and Burma Stars.
Defence and War Medals.
Order of St. John Service Medal.  Dr. F.J. Doherty.  P. for W. 1962
D.S.O. - L/G 24-12-1935 for conspicuous gallantry on 29-9-1935 whilst operating against Mohmand tribesmen  in the attack on Point 4080, N.W. Frontier, in which action Capt. G. Meynell, 12th F.F.R. was awarded a posthumous  Victoria Cross.  -  “Capt. Doherty fearlessly attended to the wounded although continuously under fire, evacuated them, and, when all the British Officers of the Guides had been killed or wounded, greatly assisted in reorganising the troops in the vicinity, taking command until the arrival of a combatant officer.
M.I.D. - L/G 8-5-1936  -  “For distinguished services rendered in connection with the Mohmand operations  N.W. Frontier, of India, 15/16 August to 15/16 October 1935”.
   D.S.O.  -  A rare immediate award to a Battalion Medical Officer.
    Sold with copy papers which show recipient as being born on 5-8-1909 in Belfast and receiving his Medical  Degree at Queens University, Belfast.  He retired as a Lt. Colonel and took up practice in Wales.  Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £5850

881.  Group of Three
  Order of the British Empire  -  Commander  -  (C.B.E.)  1st type - Civil.
  I.G.S.  1 Bar Burma 1930-32.  Lt. Col. A .Lethbridge.  B.M.P.
  Defence Medal.
   Recipient was born on 29-9-1884 and was educated at Tonbridge and Sandhurst.  Joined 54th Sikhs.  Capt. 12.12.12.  Major 12.12.18.  Seconded to Civil Emply as Ass. Commdt. Mil. Police, Chin Hills 21.4.1914.  Commdt. 9.14.  -  27.6.16  -  invalided home June 1916 to Aug. 1917.  Returned to Burma Oct. 1917.  Invalided  home Jan. 1918.  Nov. 1919 to March 1920 2/ic  54 Sikhs, 30th Bde.  10th Div.  Army of Black Sea March-Nov  1920.  M.I.D. (L/G 16.1.1921).  Back to India 27.1.1921.    Deputy Inspector General Burma Military Police, having acted as Commdt of unit during Burma Revolt  1930-32.  Retired to Devon in 1935.  Appointed Deputy Lieutenant of County 2.2.1942.  Resigned 11.12.1947.  Served as a Group and Zone Commander in the Home Guard 1940-45.  Died 8.2.1968.  No entitlement to W.W.1.  Medals.
  C.B.E.  -  L/G 3-6-1932  -  Lt. Col. A. Lethbridge, Indian Army.  Deputy Inspector General of Military  Police, Burma. (NEF)  £1250

911.  Group of Six
Distinguished Flying Cross  (D.F.C.)  Dated 1945.  Reverse engraved “F/O Ronald Bound.”
I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1936-37.  A.C.I.  R. Bound.  R.A.F.
1939-45 Star.  Air Crew Europe Star (Bar - France & Germany).
Defence and War Medals.
D.F.C.  -  L/G 17.4.1945  -  “Plt. Off. Bound has completed his second tour with a further 20 operations to his credit totalling 92.10 hours, making a grand total of 50 operations totalling 277.20 hours.
    In the course of his second tour he has attacked a number of heavily defended targets such as Duisburg,  Steakrade, Esse, and Bochum.  This officer has displayed a high standard of technical ability throughout his tour.  The successful  completion of many of his crew’s operations are due to a large extent to his initiative and resourcefulness  combined with a confident and cheerful manner, which have had a splendid effect on the morale of his crew  and which have been a fine example to his fellows both in the air and on the ground.  He has at all times displayed  great presence of mind and determination”.  His station commander wrote - “This enthusiastic and efficient flight engineer has maintained a high  standard of work throughout two operational tours in Bomber Command.  His valuable aid and experience as  a flight engineer has not only helped to maintain a high standard of morale in his crew, but has contributed in  no small manner to the many successful attacks carried out against the enemy.”   Sold with flying log book which lists operational flying with 78 Squadron from Oct 1942 to Feb. 194(Genoa,  Hamburg, Turin, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Wilhelmshaven, etc.).  35 Squadron P.F.F. from March 1943  to June 1943 (Duisberg, Berlin, Pilsen, Munster, etc.), and 578 Squadron from August 1944 to December 1944  (Bochum, Essen, Cologne etc.).   Also included is the forwarding letter from Buckingham Palace enclosing  the D.F.C. Mounted for display. (NEF)  £3375

926.  Group of Seven
Distinguished Service Medal (D.S.M.)  Geo.  V1.  G.E. Shepherd.  L/Smn.  R.N.R.  Sept. 1942
1939-45, Atlantic (France and Germany), and Burma (Pacific) Stars.
Defence and War Medals.
  R.N.R.  LSGC  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  G.E. Shepherd.  Smn.  R.N.R.
D.S.M.  -  L/G 16.2.1943  -  “For fortitude, seamanship and endurance in taking merchantmen and Royal  Fleet auxiliaries to North Russia through heavy seas and in the face of many attacks by enemy aircraft and  submarines”.   Recipient ws serving aboard S.S. Empire Tristram.    Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £1875

961.  Group of Five
  Military Medal  M.M.  Geo. V1. Cpl. L.F. Edmonds.  R. Tank R.  1939-45 and Africa Stars.  Defence & War Medals.
   M.M.  -  L/G 29.11.1940
   On the night of 29th June, 1940, this N.C.O. was in command of a light tank attached to “B” Sqdn., 7th Hussars  for a night attack on Capuzzo.  He used his searchlight on the Fort at close range enabling the other tanks to obtain  observation until ordered to put it out.  Owing to a failure of the inter-communication in the tank his driver failed  to retire with the rest of the tanks when ordered to do so.  The tank was struck by a small shell knocking our the  driver and dazing the gunner.  The suspension of the tank was also damaged by the shock.  Cpl Edmonds managed to revive the driver and ordered him to continue to drive on, urging his gunner to keep firing on the guns which  were on three sides of him.  He succeeded in penetrating the defences, and when almost clear the tank failed to  negotiate the barbed wire defences on the opposite side.  Although being shown up by Verey lights and the fort  searchlight, he dismounted and cut through the wire with wire cutters and succeeded in making a path through which the tank could pass.
    Later he managed to rejoin his own Squadron which was acting as rearguard, and remained on patrol under  fire until the Squadron returned to laagerIn addition to the above he has always shown zeal and dash beyond the normal when engaged on operations in the Capuzzo area.
   Recipient was later taken P.O.W., and was on board the Italian motor-ship “Sebastiano Veniero” which was transporting allied P.O.W’s from Tripoli to Italy when it was attacked by the British submarine “Porpoise” on 9.12.1941, five miles south of Navarino.  Over 500 P.O.W’s including Tpr. Edmonds lost their lives.  He was 24 yrs old and is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial.  An early award for action against Italians.  (EF)  £2695

969.  Group of Six
  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Eliz. 11.  Sgt. William T. Morris.  A.C.C.
  1939-45, Africa, and France & Germany Stars. Defence and War Medals.
  Sold with Buckingham Palace forwarding letter.   Mounted as worn.   (NEF)  £425

999.  Group of Three
  Crimea.  1 Bar Sebastopol.  Samual Cole.  97th Regt.  (Privately named - contemporary)
  Indian Mutiny.  1 Bar Lucknow.  Cpl. Saml. Cole.  97th Regt.
  Turkish Crimea  -  British issue.  Fitted with straight bar suspender.   Un-named as issued.    (NVF/VF)  £875

1026.  Group of Three
  I.G.S. 1895.  1 Bar Rel. of Chitral.  Pte. T. Dodsworth.  2nd Bn.  Seaforth Highrs.
  Queens Sudan.  Pte. T. Dodsworth.  1/Sea. Highrs.
  Q.S.A.  5 Bars CC/OFS/T/SA’01/SA’02/  Pte. T. Dodsworth.  Sea.  Highrs.    Mounted for display.   (VF)  £675

1027.  Group of Two
  I.G.S. 1895.  1 Bar Pjb. Frontier.  Lieut. C.A.Roosmale-Coeq.  3rd Bo. Lt. Infy.
  Delhi Durbar 1903.  Capt. C.A. Roosmale-Coeq.  Erinpura Irregulars. 
    Sold with several photo-copies of relevant pages from Indian Army lists, etc.  Formally Leicestershire  Regt.  Dark toned.    (NEF)  £565

1067.  Group of Four
  1914-15 Star.  W. Cruttendew.  Fmn.  R.F.A.
  B.W.M. and Mercantile Marine War Medal.  William Cruttendew.
  Victory Medal.  W. Cruttendew.  Fmn.  R.F.A.    Sold with some career details etc..    Mounted as worn.    (NEF)  £150

1068.  Group of Two
  B.W.M. and Mercantile Marine War Medal..  James H. Grant.  Verified.  (NEF)  £64

1069.  Group of Three
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. W. MacPhail.  Canadian F---- Bn (The unit has been partially deleted)
  Efficiency Medal.  Geo. V.  Top Bar “Canada”.  Piper M. W. MacPhail.  Cam. Highrs of Ottawa.
  Recipient enlisted on 29.2.1916 and was posted to the 774 Bn. C.E.F. as a Piper and embarked for England  on 19th June 1916.  There, he served with various units before landing in France on 15.3.1917, transferring to the  11th Bn. Canadian Rly Troops, serving with them in France for the rest of the war.  During November 1919 he was hospitalised with influenza and returned to England.  He embarked for Canada  on 15.2.1919 and was discharged at Ottawa on 17.3.1919.  Following discharge he joined the Ottawa Cameron  Highlanders as a Piper, reaching the rank of Pipe Sgt-Major. Sold with photo-copy photographs of recipient in uniform.  Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £625

1072.  Group of Two
  Territorial Force War Medal.  Gnr. A.C. John  R.A.
  Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.  Gnr - L/Bmbr. A.C. John.  R.G.A.  (NEF)  £215

1073.  Group of Two
  B.W.M.  C.Q.M. Sgt. T.W. Rolfe  A.S.C.
  Meritorious Service Medal  (M.S.M.)  Geo. V  1st type.  C.Q.M. Sgt. T.W. Rolfe  R.A.S.C.  (L/G 3.6.1919)  (NEF)  £175

1074.  Group of Four
  1914-15 Trio.  Lieut. E.G. Franks  R.N.R.
  R.N.R. Decoration - Geo. V.  (L/G 26.11.1929 - Lt. Cdr)
    Recipient was placed on retired list with rank of Commander on 21.1.1913.  (GVF)  £345

1077.  Group of Four
  1914-15 Trio.  L/Sgt. T.T. Facey.  R.M.L.I. (Pte on Star)
  R.N.  LSGC  Geo. V.  1st type.  T. Facey.  Sgt.  R.M.  Mounted as worn.
  Sold with two bronze medallions. 1 - “Royal Naval, Military, and Air Force Tournament “ named on reverse  “Cpl. T. Facey R.M.L.I.”.  In fitted case with “Bayonet Team HMS Impregnable” in gold leaf on lid, and 2 - “Royal Marines Winning Platoon 1927.  Somewhat polished  (NVF)  £195

1079.  Group of Five
  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. W. Moore.  12th Infantry (S. Africa)  Bi-Lingual Victory Medal.
  Africa Service Medal and War Medal 1939-45.   W. Moore.    (NEF)  £175

1083.  Group of Five  -  Father and Son

  Father  -  B.W.M. and Victory.  Gnr. W. Osborne  R.A.  (Complete with forwarding box & registered envelope)

  Son    -  1939-45 and France & Germany Stars  War Medal.  -  With condolence slip named to Capt. W.G. Osborne and forwarding box addressed to W. Osborne Esq..  Capt. Osborne died, aged 22, serving with 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry, R.A.C., and is buried in Hanover War Cemetery.  Also included is a letter of condolence from Buckingham Palace, and an original  letter to W. Osborne Esq., from the War Office dated 1-6-1946, informing him as to where his son is  buried.  (NEF)  £230

1086.  Group of Three
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Lieut. B.H. Wood.    Defence Medal.    (NEF)  £85

1156.  Group of Two
  A.G.S.  1 Bar Somaliland 1920.  J.C.T. Harris.  Act. Sto. I. Cl.  HMS Clio.
  R.N.  LSGC  Geo. V.  2nd type.  J.C.T. Harris.  S.P.O.  HMS Rochester. A.G.S. polished.(VF)  £335

1169.  Group of Six
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. L. Edmondstone.  R.A.M.C.
  1939-45, Africa, and Italy Stars.  Defence and War Medals.  (NEF)  £150

1181.  Group of Three
  Defence and War Medals.
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Cyprus Capt. D.C. Sydney.  R. Signals.    Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £170

1182.  Group of Five
  1939-45 and Burma Stars.   Defence and War Medals  (M.I.D.)
  G.S.M.  1 Bar S.E. Asia 1945-46  - Capt. R.A. Deaves .  R. Signals.     .  M.I.D.  -  L/G 19.9.1946 -  “In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Burma”.  Mounted for display.    (NEF)  £365

1183.  Group of Five
1939-45 and Burma Stars.    Defence and War Medals.
L.S.G.C.  Geo. V1. 1st type “Regular Army” Sgt. E.G. Murphy.  R.E. Mounted as worn (NEF)  £120

1184.  Group of Six
  1939-45, Africa, Italy, and France & Germany Stars.   War Medal 1939-45
  Efficiency Medal “Territorial”  Geo. V1  1st type.  Sgt. T. Grierson.  6 - A & S Highrs.  (NEF)  £165

1185.  Group of Five
  1939-45 and France & Germany Stars.    Defence and War Medals.
  Police Exemplary Service.  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  Const. James Mackie.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £100

1186.  Group of Five
  1939-45 and France & Germany Stars.   Defence and War Medals.
  Efficiency Medal “Militia”.  Geo. V1  2nd type.  Cpl. J. Chesters.  R. Signals.   (NEF)  £140

1188.  Group of Five
  1939-45 and Pacific (Burma) Stars.    Defence and War Medals.
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Near East.  S. Lieut. K.J. Pullyblank.  R.N.    Mounted as worn.    (NEF  £285

1189.  Group of Six
  1939-45, Africa, and Italy Stars.   Defence and War Medals.
  Fire Service Exemplary Service Medal.  Fireman Ronald W. Ellis.
   Sold with two silver sports medals.  - 1. 1½” diameter, engraved “1st Bn. D.C.L.I. Boys P.T. Test Nov. 1933.  Boy R. Wells”.  2.  1¼” diameter, engraved “Razmak Bde. Cross Country Run.  1935 Winning Team”.    Sold with copy papers which show enlistment in the D.C.L.I., later transferring to the 4th Bn. Para Regt. A.R.C.  in 1941.  He was wounded in action in Greece on 3.1.1945.  In 1943, as an R/Sgt he was reduced to rank of Cpl.  for “negligently discharging a colt pistol thereby wounding a private soldier.  First five medals mounted as worn.   (GVF)  £750

1192.  Group of Three
  1939-45 Star.   War Medal 1939-445/
  Fire Service Exemplary Service.  Sub. Offr.  William Frew.
  Spr. W. Frew  R.E. was taken P.O.W. and was held in Stalag 4 D/Z in Annaburg.  (NEF)  £100

1194.  Group of Six
  1939-45 and Burma (Pacific) Stars. Defence and War Medals (M.I.D.)
  G.S.M.  1 Bar S.E. Asia 1945-46.  Lieut. Col. D. Ferguson.  R.E.
  Efficiency Decoration.  Dated 1953.  Complete with top “Territorial” Pin Bar.
    M.I.D.  -  L/G 20.12.1940  -  “Lieut D. Ferguson.  R.E.
  “Terr” Efficiency Decoration  -  L/G 1.1.1953 - Major (Hon. Lt. Col) D. Ferguson.  R.E.
   Sold with Ribbon Bar and forwarding box for W.W.2. Medals. (NEF)  £650

1286.  Group of Three
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Cpl. F.J. Ross.  R. Signals.
  Queens Korea.  Sig. F.J. Ross.  R. Signals.    U.N. Korea.    (NEF)  £215

1327.  Group of Two
  U.N. Medal for Cyprus.
  L.S.G.C.  Eliz. 11  2nd type “Regular Army”.  W.O. Cl. 2.  N.G. Cox.  R.A.O.C.   Mounted as worn   (NEF)  £85

1328.  Group of Two
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Brunei.  Rfn. Rikhiparsad Gurung.  1 / 2  Gurkha R.
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Borneo.  Rfn. Rikhiprasad Gurung  1 / 2 G.R.  (NEF)  £365

1335.  Group of Two
  C.S.M.  1 Bar N. Ireland.  Tpr. W. Pharoah.  15/19 Hussars.
  U.N. Medal for Cyprus.    Mounted as worn.   (NEF)  £115

1359.  Group of Two
  Volunteer Force Long Service - Victoria.  209 Pte. H. Gollop.  3rd V.B. Devon Regt.
  Territorial Force Efficiency Medal - Geo. V.  660 Sgt. H. Gollop.  4/Devon R.  (NEF)  £165

1372.  Group of Three
  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. T. Black.  K.O.S.B.
Recipient was K.I.A., aged 21, with the 1st Bn in Gallipoli, on 4-6-1915, and is commemorated on the  Helles Memorial.  He resided in Windygates, Fife.   (NEF)  £220

1374.  Group of Three
  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. W.H. Moffatt.  Northumberland Fus.    Memorial Plaque.  William Henry Moffatt  Recipient was K.I.A., with 1st Bn on 16.6.1915 and is commemorated on the Pyres (Menin Gate) Memorial.  He was born and enlisted in Newcastle-on-Tyne.   (NEF)  £285

1375.  Group of Two
  B.W.M. and Mercantile Marine War Medal.  Edwin S. Duncan  (S.S. “Alistair”)
    Recipient was killed by explosion, aged 37, on 6-11-1915, when the British Steamship “Alistair” struck  a mine and sank 4 miles east of Southwold.  He was the Chief Engineer.  (NEF)  £125

1376.  Group of Three
  1914 Star and Bar Trio.  Pte. I.C. Watts.  1/Wiltshire Regt.   Memorial Plaque.  Isaac Charles Watts.    Recipient was K.I.A., with the 2nd Bn on 17-5-1915, and is commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial.  He enlisted and resided in Swindon.  (NEF)  £450

1507.  1914 Star Trio.  R. Foulkes.  L.M.  R.N.A.S.  (Rank of A.M.I. GR. On Star)    Mounted as worn.    (NEF)  £745

1508.  1914-15 Trio.    Gnr. C.H. Welch.  C.F.A.  -  Dvr. 2/Can. Div. A.C. on Star. (Canadian Divisional Ammunition  Column)  (NEF)  £225

1510.  1914-15 Trio.    Capt. J.C.S. Williams  (Lieut. A.S.C. on Star)  (GVF)  £145

1511.  1914-15 Trio.    R. Lynch.  Sto.  R.N.R.   (GVF)  £65

1542.  B.W.M. & Victory.    Sepoy Kalu Khan.  101 Grenadiers.  (VF)  £85

1543.  B.W.M. & Victory.    Pte. R.H. Johns.  Manchester R.  (NEF)  £36

1547.  B.W.M. & Victory.    Cpl. J.H. Rogers.  E. Surrey Regt.  (NEF)  £36

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